Focus on Function as well as Fashion

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Remodel your home with logic, as well as luxury in mind.

That means deciding on what you need, as well as what you want. Ask yourself how much storage space you really need. You can save money by ordering fewer cabinets.

Do you plan to use the kitchen for purposes other than eating? If so, that could and should affect size and style of the countertops you select.

Do you want to expand the open space in your family room? If so, that should influence the size and quantity of the furniture you invest in. It makes no sense to buy furniture until you’ve planned the space, and considered things like traffic flow, focal points, and outside views.

Think about your changing lifestyle and interests as you update and upgrade your space.

Transforming an extra bedroom into an office might be your best move if you’re considering starting a home-based business. Installing better kitchen cabinets and appliances makes sense if more entertaining heads your wish list.

As the luxury design specialist in Indianapolis and Carmel, we can advise you on how to enhance both the value and the usefulness of your home.