Make a Plan, Jan.

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Too many homeowners get stuck at the starting line with their design or remodeling project. They waste time fretting over where, when and how to start the work.

For starters, decide on the key priority for the project: the kitchen, perhaps, or a bathroom or the master bedroom. Then determine what’s most important to you about this most important room. In the case of a kitchen remodel, for example, ask yourself if you’re primarily interested in upgrading the cabinets, the countertops, or the appliances.

Decide on what’s most important to you in each room, and have your designer make that the focus. Focal points can include everything from the cabinetry in the kitchen, and a soaking tub in the bathroom, to a chair in the family room and a painting in the master bedroom. Once you’ve established your priorities, you can plan a budget and schedule the work accordingly.

We can help you in that planning process by providing you with an overview of the project, along with budget guidelines and construction timelines.