e-Design and The Trouble With Monitors – We Recommend Face to Face

Author: Donna Barr | | Categories: Aging In Place , Best Interior Designer , Custom Design , Design Consultation , Historical Renovation , Home Remodelling , Home Staging , Interior Decorator , Interior Designer , Kitchen Remodelling , Renewal , Space Planning

Technology may have changed the world of interior design for the better, but we still have a long way to go before interior home design is something that can be completed entirely online. The primary challenge with relying heavily on e-design vs face-to-face interior home design is that interior design is very much a visual medium, but current digital technology doesn’t allow us to send accurate depictions of colors, textures, and materials across digital platforms. The colors, textures, and materials that you see on a digital screen compared to the same colors, textures, and materials in real life may look similar to an undiscerning eye, but can create a major discrepancy between the design you want and the design you get when you order interior home design services for your own living space.

Another challenge with e-design is that a computer screen only allows you to use one of your senses to decide what colors, textures, and materials to put in your home – but there’s a whole world of other senses that you have to live with after a redesign. Texture, warmth, and weight can be just as important as color, light, and shade. Where designs may look good on paper, implementing those designs may actually be impractical for your property. For example, a texture or type of fabric might look good on a digital screen, but may feel too jagged or coarse for comfort when experienced in person. Likewise, different types of fabric and window designs can have a big impact on environmental comfort by assisting with temperature, light, and noise control – benefits which are hard to appreciate over the Internet.

The best way to approach interior home design is with a careful eye, an open mind, and in person. When you’re up close and personal with samples, colors, and textures, you’ll be able to form a much more complete mental picture of how your space will look when renovations are complete – a much more complete mental picture than if you tried designing your space over the Internet. An experienced designer working with you in person to decorate your living or work space can also advise you on the best looking options for your budget, personality, and available square footage. You can compare samples side by side or mix and match styles of samples, colors, and textures until you find the type and style that fits the look you want to accomplish.

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